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  • Single leg multi-level marketing  software plan
  • generation  multi-level marketing software plan
  • Matrix multi-level marketing software plan

Binary MLM software: The Binary multi-level marketing software is popular for its result-oriented concepts and feature to maintain all income notifications and calculation is fully secured. Binary multi-level marketing represents a business tree with left or right side branches it shows the customer id with their proper information so we have full right to update this or relocate this properly in the Business tree for a long time 

 Advantages of binary multi-level marketing plan:-

  • when the new member in the power leg placed under a leaf available position of the binary tree is always shown growth and positive attitude to a Business structure.
  • it also helps in compensation multi-level marketing plan 
  • The most and important advantage of binary multi-level marketing software it is very easy to use and is highly recommended for profit maximization higher results in the business growing sector. 
  • hence we go with binary software in multi-level marketing business to allow customer satisfaction and enhance business networking in multi-level marketing 

Matrix MLM Software: matrix multi-level marketing plan is designed for networking enhancement and customer satisfaction to grow the atmosphere where you serve a huge customer to understand the market trends and customer satisfaction for arranging a fixed number of rows and columns in the Business tree with dynamic features. Matrix plan is so easy to work its level of income shows all recruited customers. the most commonly used matrix level is 3*3, 9*7,4*7, 2*12, the levels depend on business tree levels which are further classified in other joining members .it splits when the new member joins in Business networking. this level shows the depth and width of the customers.

  • points of matrix software:-
  • sponsor bonus facilities
  • matching bonus calculation
  • matrix calculator 
  • position bonus in business tree 
  • level commissions
  • Matrix bonus

So these are the main key points of matrix MLM software plans.

Single leg MLM software:- The single-leg software is also called a mono leg MLM software in Business networking it will work for first come and first serve methods this is also suitable for a business start-up for a customer and through this users earn form any joining. it works with one leg structure every join members get profit when the users increase in business tree and it manages the networking chain in business and continues growth for business we would say that it is a little bit related to matrix MLM software plan in networking. it is a highly effective plan for all kind of business small scaled or large scaled business in multi-level marketing plans. because there is only one line distributor. it is the best example to promote your products and services in multi-level marketing Business.

Key pints of single leg MLM plan

  • position bonus
  • referral bonus
  • rejoin bonus

Generation MLM Software plan: it is a plan designed for the repurchase of plan proposals and relocate the concepts of entire business networking in Multi-level marketing structure. the all things which are related to users products & services are managed and promoted by the sponsors they earn profits 

benefits and commissions. when they earn a big amount as a target of their sale of services. it is divided up to levels of company members get a bonus according to their work and revenue percentage is increased and it depends on company structure what amount they divided in as bonus percentage. it is the growth-oriented plan in networking business because everyone earns profit and customer get the best product and services

Key points of generation plan:

  • helps in generate income through company profit
  • based on the promotion of products & services
  • bonus enhancement in Business
  • provide certain revenue growth 
  • helpful in business administrations
  • provide market growth in every level  

Types of multi-level marketing software