MLM Unilevel / Matrix Plan: The Gist of the Plan

This arrangement allows you to construct a constrained width association. If there is a 1 X 12 group that means one individual on the first level pays 12 levels profound. However, in MLM Matrix Plan it is not the case and one can add infinite members in the first level and thus, the width increases. This is exceptionally straightforward and simple.

How does Unilevel MLM Plan Works?

According to this plan, a sponsor can add unlimited distributors at his frontline. There are no limit for adding the number of distributors that a sponsor can add. For example, in the pictorial presentation, it is shown that A is the sponsor that adds many distributors such as B, C, D, E to infinity. Now, these distributors are free to add many members at their respective downline with infinite members. Simultaneously, once B adds member to their downline as B1, B2 till infinity and D adds D1, D2, D3, D4 to infinity and B and D becomes sponsors for their downline respectively. Like this, the process continues.

As per rules of the company, suppose, on completing 1st level, A will get 10% commission of the income. When B becomes sponsor for their downline, B will get 10% and A will 9%. In this way, the commission rates are distributed among sponsors.

Important Points To Remember!

  • Unilevel plan is simple and easy to implement in your network marketing business.
  • Businesses following a network marketing strategy usually prefer this plan when they want to achieve huge profit with the support of strong network.
  • There’s a continuous flow of income even when just few members are working. For an instance, if in a team there are 4 members and only two are working then also there’s continuous flow of income.
  • There is a competition between members as it is their individual efforts pays them. So, the team who works hard and achieve the set target move ahead leaving behind the other team.
  • As there are no restriction on adding frontline distributors, every of them will get a chance to add unlimited distributors to their downline. This will help to make long and strong team.
  • More distributors, More Commission! Because there’s no limit on adding distributors, there are complete chances of earning huge income by adding more distributors on your downline.

Different Unilevel Compensation Plans

We, as a trustworthy Matrix Plan MLM Software Company offer different types of compensation plans that are listed below:

In this, bonus is paid to distributors or sponsors to motivate and encourage them to promote the business. This in turn will involve more people so that maximum people can become a part of their downline. Ultimately, the company gets profits for the businesses.

Rank Advancement Bonus

Here the bonus is paid to the existing member as soon as they qualify for the higher level in the hierarchy. This is just one-time bonus and therefore, it is important to maintain this as it may get declined if the hierarchy standards are not met by the distributor.

Fast Start Bonus

Here the bonus is paid for enrolling a new member and to qualify for this benefits, the sponsor is required to achieve the set target. In this, the amount that has to be paid to the new recruit is predetermined. It gives a sales commission on the first new sales of the new members.

Performance Allowance Bonus

Depending up on the work of the distributor, the business may offer some extra allowance and we, as a best Matrix Plan Software company is well-known to offer customized software for the same. The allowance may include education allowance of children, travel allowance, house rent allowance, etc.

Level Commissions Bonus

This is the bonus paid to the distributor depending on the downline member’s sales. As this plan can have unlimited downline in the first place and similarly the process continues. Such type of bonus keeps members encouraged and will participate in the business with full enthusiasm.

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