This is the first calculator that is based on real world organizations. While the income predictions provided by this calculator are not a guarantee of your future earnings, they do represent achievable and probable results based on your own documented actions. This calculator is not based on geometric growth because this never happens in real life. Calculate organizational growth based on real-world numbers and explain leadership duplication and dropout. The calculation is based on single level compensation plans with up to 5 levels. If your plan differs significantly from this, the compensation portion of the calculation may not be accurate, but the total number of downline distributors will remain accurate based on past performance.

Calculator types:

MLM Income Calculator

Just fill out the form, fill in your compensation plan percentages, the actual number of people recruited into your program during the past 90 days, and the average commissionable volume for your organization. It can also include optional information on how much you would like to do and the calculator will show you what level of action it will take to get there and how long it will take.

Downline calculator

If you are thinking of participating in a multi-level marketing (MLM) program, I advise caution. While affiliate programs are free, MLM programs cost something upfront to participate, and can be very expensive. MLM recruiting sites will generally include unrealistic and optimistic estimates of how much money you can expect to earn from your program. They don’t lie (generally), but you must be extremely productive (and have an extremely productive downline) for those predictions to come true. To allow you to create alternative scenarios, I have created this calculator so you can experiment with some different numbers.

After tax calculator

In the after-tax calculation, calculate your total each month. The calculation of the income qualification do not think from the point of view of tax savings, the suitability of a scheme depends on the income tax slab that is in the tax rate of the slab in the slab after the calculation.

Passive Income Calculator

Passive income is a little used term these days and what is the exact passive income. Technically, it is defined as “net rental income” or “income of a company in which the taxpayer does not participate materially” and passive income implies the salary of the safe other than the workers.

Host Income Calculator

In which the host income calculator you can think one and more than one companies they need to create items are present to 50 million potential clients. That can be making currency with the virtual server of your and but how to buy offers to the pages of hosting in local companies. That which can be earning much better than based on factors of server and that following java calculator giving you ideas to earning and potential of processing your hosting of web business.

MLM software calculator