Top Security Features of a Crypto Exchange!

Security features of Crypto Exchange Software depend on its robust and advanced structure. A Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development always put the very high emphasis on protection against most threats and hacks. 

Security Features of crypto exchange

Starting your personal cryptocurrency exchange is one of the great blockchain commercial enterprise thoughts in 2021.  Security features of Crypto Exchange Software by Coding Rig Provide the protection preferences that make your cryptocurrency Trading script unbreakable for any unauthorized activities or frauds.

Role Of Security Features of a Crypto Exchange in Modern Times

Security Features of a Crypto Exchange are a vital part to define success/failure in the ever evolving market of crypto exchange platform. As we can assume huge amounts of investments are involved in the exchange platform, therefore Security features of Crypto Exchange Software has become the first and foremost concern for every investor.

A quick glance at recent survey statistics suggests that 54% of exchange platforms have security holes. Also, more than $1.7 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen by hackers. So any individual planning to start an exchange, choose Coding Rig IT Solutions software packed with security features of Crypto Exchange to avoid hacking and scams. There are some indispensable security features which are essential for a secured crypto exchange software. 

Essential Security Features Of Crypto Exchange Software

Multi-Signature: Multi-signature security provides an extra layer of safety for cryptocurrency transactions and storage. Our Multi-signature crypto wallet ensures higher-order security with two or more users sharing a key for their funds.

Time-locked Transactions: We permit time-limited transactions that allow the business to be completed  in a specific time period. The alternative ensures to keep the hackers at bay by hindering their interference.

Cold Wallet and hot Wallet Security: Highly secured algorithms built for both cold and hot wallets. Hot wallets are facilitated with various protective measurements and Cold wallets, in contrast to hot wallets are totally offline and detached from the server to provide an increased stage of protection.

2 Factor Authentication: Two different authentication factors to affirm themselves for enhanced protection of the user’s credentials and transactions.

Escrow: The escrow wallet holds the cryptocurrencies and transfers them to the buyer’s wallet only after the current user pays the seller/vendor assuring excessive reliability.

Cloud Flare: Cloud Flare implementation provide addition to security of a website and protection from security threats and hackers.

Security features of Crypto ExchangeHardware Security Modules: Manages digital keys for sturdy authentication and superfine protection with the aid of storing keys in the hardware. Greatly superior and sophisticated to safeguard the keys in case of any malpractice detected.

HTTP Public key: Implemented encrypted security mechanism delivered through an HTTP response that allows HTTPS websites to resist the website’s utilization by attackers using fraudulent certificates.

Clickjacking attack and X-Frame-Options: The security features of crypto exchange consists of clickjacking protection against rendering of a web page in a frame. The characteristic secures the passwords or any information to be hidden from the hackers.

CSRF Protection: Additional and superior layer of security towards vulnerability to XSS.

Cross-Site Scripting Cross-Site Scripting protection: Defend from malicious scripts that are injected into the exchange websites inflicting fund loss.

DDoS Protection: Guard adverse to huge traffic by the hacker focused on server making it unavailable or decreasing the performance.

Google authentication: Get notified via SMS or emails when there is any unauthorized or dubious activity happening. Get one time passwords (OTPs) to the registered contact to login without any pre defined password for enhanced security.

KYC: AYC and AML implemented to identify traders and avoid unsuitable investors.


These are the fundamental and effective security features of Crypto Exchange that you must integrate into your Crypto Exchange Software. Additionally, you can integrate cold wallets, multi-signature vaults, web security protocols, and Anti-DDoS modules and constant work towards improvement ensures keeping your investment safe and hackers at bay.

If you are planning to start a crypto exchange by using premier white label crypto exchange software. Then you can enable these security features to cast off cyber attacks, scams, and other fraudulent activities in your crypto exchange software.

Top Security Features of a Crypto Exchange!