Develop Decentralized Platform With Smart Contract MLM Software

With the start of the new decade, a new wave is affecting the global financial system; The Wave is the Smart Contract MLM Software Business. Smart contract MLM software has immense and revolutionary potential to become a billion-dollar business. Entrepreneurs and business start-ups are moving towards this top trending business model.

Smart Contract MLM Software Development is the process of developing and implementing an MLM website platform powered by Blockchain Smart Contracts. Smart Contract MLM developed on any blockchain network such as TRON, Ethereum, EOS can perform automated transactions on MLM platforms with high transparency and security.

Smart contract MLM Software

As the lack of smart contract-based MLM traceability eliminates issues such as risks, scams in the traditional MLM business, smart contract MLM software development is becoming a trend in this digital globe. Coding Rig provides end-to-end smart contract-based MLM development services to set up your own MLM platform with Smart Contract.

Coding Rig IT Solutions is a leading blockchain development company, adopting smart contract technology and leading the way in providing a unique smart contract-based MLM to launch your own MLM platform. We are providing cryptocurrency MLM software development services to launch your smart contract MLM software on Ethereum or TRON.

Traditional MLM  Software Structure vs Smart Contract MLM Software

An MLM platform with smart contracts is a multilevel marketing business that operates on the principles of smart contracts. Here MLM business is integrated with blockchain-driven smart contract functionality which makes MLM an effective marketing model. The integration of smart contracts on the MLM business has completely changed the perception of people towards the MLM business and has improved its credibility and transparency.

The concept of a traditional or centralized MLM business is that one can make money or become a member of a company by referring other people’s products or services to the organization. The entire MLM network becomes deeply suited for top tier people as referrals become wider and it becomes a pyramid scheme. This marketing pyramid scheme provides incentives or rewards to each referral and reward schemes vary from one MLM platform to another.

Smart Contract MLM Software

A smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of MLM software computer code. They run on blockchain, so they are stored on a public database and cannot be changed. Transactions in smart contracts are processed through blockchain, which means they can be sent automatically without any third parties.

Although the MLM business is a high yield referral program, it has become unreliable and offers a lot of investment risks to the public as it is completely centralized or sometimes run by unknown people.

Risk reduction and confidence can only be achieved if the entire MLM network becomes decentralized and transparent. This is why smart contract MLM networks thrive on different blockchains.

Smart Contract MLM Software Plans

Smart contract-based MLM software can be built on various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Tron, Bitcoin with different MLM schemes that allow members to earn rewards based on the schemes developed by your MLM platform.

  • Bitcoin MLM plan
  • Broad Plan MLM plan
  • Binary MLM plan
  • Generation MLM plan
  • Crowdfunding MLM plan
  • Australian Binary
  • Stair Step MLM plan
  • Unlevel MLM plan
  • Investment MLM plan
  • Matrix MLM plan

Smart Contract MLM Software on Famous Blockchain Platforms Ethereum & TRON

Smart Contract MLM Software is a complete Decentralized, Ready-to-launch Multi-Level Marketing business Strategy based on the Blockchain-powered Smart Contracts built on various Blockchain networks like TRON, Ethereum, EOS, etc. Ethereum Smart Contract-Based MLM business is a topmost familiar and widely dependent MLM business and also Tron Smart Contract based MLM business is getting more attention.

Smart Contract MLM Software – Technology Stack

Language – MEAN / MERN/ PHP / JAVA

Blockchain Networks – TRON, Ethereum, Binance (BNC) and Matic

PHP Frameworks – Codeigniter / Laravel


TRON Smart Contract MLM Software

Tron smart contract-based MLM Software is ready to launch TRON MLM Software that can deliver 100% decentralized smart contract MLM on the Tron blockchain network, with which participants can connect in a matrix scheme to get TRX token as a passive income just by referring people to the Tron network.

TRON Smart Contract MLM is a set of algorithms that maintains a full set of functions like user registration process, matrix table execution process, payment process, rewards & gifts, and more.TRON Smart Contract MLM business is getting more popular and attention because of its speedy transactions & fewer gas fees for transactions on the Tron Blockchain network.

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software is a Ready to launch smart contract-based MLM business script developed on the Ethereum blockchain network by delivering which you can start your own 100% decentralized and popular MLM business platforms like Forsage, Million Money, Doubleway, LionShare, XOXO network, Etrix, etc. At Coding Rig, we provide a highly customizable Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software that supports all kinds of MLM schemes and matrix plans. The important MLM functions of the MLM website like member allocations, internal p2p transactions, commission systems, and other concepts will be automatically maintained by the Ethereum smart contracts.

Ethereum Smart Contract-Based MLM is a 100% decentralized Multi-Level Marketing Business Strategy based on Ethereum Blockchain powered Smart Contracts. Ethereum Smart Contracts MLM is the widely dependent Smart Contract MLM business platform because of its large customer base on the Ethereum network and the highest secured programming quality provided by the Ethereum Blockchain network.

  • Completely Decentralized
  • Autonomous and Transparent
  • Highly-secure

Cryptocurrency MLM Software

At Coding Rig, we offer top of line Cryptocurrency MLM software development with a tried result-oriented tested record that places us as the best in the Cryptocurrency Multi-Level Marketing Field. 

High-level Business Profits with White label MLM Cryptocurrency Software Solutions – With our Cryptocurrency MLM software solutions, you can market your crypto coin with customers associated with your marketing & payments will be paid and received in crypto. That particular process can bring in many referrals as they can and this business process goes up all the best way to the initial point.

Blockchain MLM Software

We provide White label blockchain-based MLM software development solutions to help businesses launch Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON MLM software.

Coding Rig White label Blockchain MLM Software solutions – completely decentralized, transparency, efficient, and secure. Reinforced with an immutable smart contract-based solution, our Ethereum & TRON smart contract MLM software enables tamper-proof business calculations and automated business transactions without any human role involvement.

How Smart Contract MLM Software Empowers MLM Business?

High Transparency & Trustability

The majority of the people are aware of Smart Contract so the integration of Smart Contract in MLM business brings MORE TRANSPARENCY & TRUSTABILITY among MLM participants.

Simplifies the MLM Process

The implementation of Smart Contract in the MLM platform SIMPLIFIES THE MLM WORK PROCESS and makes it more flexible and scalable among MLM members.

Attracts a Lot of Investors & Entrepreneurs

Because of the trustability created by the Smart Contract, ATTRACTS A LOT OF INVESTORS to invest in MLM plans and also paved the way for ENTREPRENEURS to Start an MLM platform to become a billionaire.

Immutability Nature

The immutable characteristics of Smart Contract bring MORE STABILITY to the MLM platform. These MLM Smart Contracts cannot be changed and no one can tamper with or break a contract in the MLM platform.

Smart Contract Traceability

The Smart Contract TRACEABILITY brings 100% transparency to MLM business and also guarantees the MLM participants to track, identify and trace the transactions on the MLM platform.

Every transaction & MLM participant’s details are stored on separate smart contracts which then get recorded on the Block Explorer. If the Smart Contract is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, then you can view the smart contracts on

Elimination of Scams

The major advantage of Smart Contract Based MLM is the elimination of scams in MLM business, no third party involvement and setting up a complete peer-to-peer MLM platform.

Automatic Transactions

The most important part of the Smart Contract MLM business is automatic transactions. Automatic transactions in Smart Contract based MLM business are the self-executing protocols or the automatic transaction of funds or assets when the smart contracts meet the predefined conditions.

The MLM website owner/smart Contract Up-loader defines the procedures & conditions of the Smart Contracts. Once smart contracts are uploaded on the Blockchain network, it cannot be altered & deleted.

Why Coding Rig for Smart Contract MLM Software Development?

Coding Rig IT Solutions is a leading Smart Contract MLM Development Company having certified Smart Contract developers who are excelled in Smart Contract Software MLM Development on Ethereum & Tron Blockchain Network. We also have expertise in clone development of famous Smart Contract MLM platforms like Million Money, Forsage, ForsageTron, Etrix, Lions Share, Ethereum Cash, Supersage, etc. Get our ready-made, customizable Smart Contract MLM Software to kick-start your Smart Contract MLM platform.

Develop Decentralized Platform With Smart Contract MLM Software